Forcing myself to look outside the box and find beauty in things I see everyday. 




a constant reminder that I’m not done yet. 


Spending time with family (aka driving them around to run errands) even on a rainy day can make a heart happy. 


Home is where the heart is (and the pretty fake flowers in front of the fire place).

Time to relax. 


This week has been hard, but I keep telling everything happens for a reason. Soon I’ll find out that reason for this stinky chunk of my life. 


The weather is like my anxiety lately– one day it’s warm and nice and then next it’s sad and cold. 

Come on, Mother Nature. Help a girl out. 

Retail (photography) Therapy

I get to take pictures for the Instagram page of the store I worked at during college. Had help from this cutie tonight! 

(PS- still working on that logo/name thingy)

Doesn’t this just make you want to buy the clothes? 😜


It’s one thing to work and make money and another to feel like you are actually making an impact. 

I’m still waiting for the latter. 


Days are hard lately. I’m just confused on what I want and what I can do to get there. Honestly, I feel like I’m stuck because I need to make money and that’s the shittiest feeling ever.