-keep going-

I don’t plan these posts out (which is kind of out of character because I really like to plan), so they mostly come out in intermittent jumbles.

It’s been awhile since my last post, mainly because life.

I’ve graduated college with my second degree and am sitting on my ass waiting for an interview for a position that I really want, BUT IT’S SO HARD. I hate waiting and feeling like I’m not capable of starting my career. I get in ruts and all I do is sit and watch Bones on Netflix and play spider solitaire.

I tend to distance myself from people during these times, too, because all they say is ‘It’ll be okay”, “It will happen”, “Something will work out”.

Okay, thank you, that was so helpful.

(I’m sorry, I get bitter.)

I know all of that is true, but it’s hard to hear over and over and over again without seeing it happen. I’m not living a bad life or a sad life, so I don’t want to complain. I try not too because I am very grateful for what I do have and I’m excited for the prospect of what is to come.

It’s just hard to sit and feel like you can’t get what you want when you’ve grown up your whole life with people telling you that you can be whatever you want when you grow up.

…and I lack patience, like a lot.



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