I am not okay. 

Today is a bad day- one of those days where I get discouraged in every way possible, lose track of time by just laying on my bed doing mindless activities, and get really, really sad. 

On these days, I call my mom and try to get out a full sentence without starting to cry (spoiler alert- it never works), so I did that and she made me feel better with the facts laced with hope. 

I’m sure by this point, we all know facts don’t always help because the mind is a stubborn and frustrating piece of shit sometimes. 

She always tells me to pray. I never do though, at least not a really prayer. I don’t feel like I should, I guess, when I don’t wholeheartedly put my faith behind it. 

I like to think there is something out there bigger than all of us, but how am I supposed to think it’ll help me? 

I started this blog, so I could write out my feelings instead of talking because I always tear up and now I’m hella frustrated because GUESS WHO JUST TEARED UP WRITING THIS SHIT? 



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