-anxiety ridden-

Aloha, my lovelies.

This is my, wait for it…

FOURTH blog attempt because I’m confused and scatter brained (wait, what?).

I’ve decided to start blogging up again because I know I am good at being creative and when I feel good about being good, my anxiety isn’t so bad. In the last few months, I’ve been graced with hella anxiety and it’s been quite a trip. I get emotional so much easier (and no, not just on my period) and my worrisome nature has increased tenfold.

It’s honestly ridiculous and I get very frustrated with myself.

So, in yet another attempt to calm down and figure shit out, this blog (named my name, even though it’s simple and common) has officially come alive, twists and turns included and encouraged.

I’m done trying to create a brand and be clever. I’m done trying to make a blog that people want to see. My theme for this bad boy is honesty. My mission is to make life a little easier on myself. My goals will relate to helping my anxiety. My hope is to reach others in the same position as me because as I have said before and as I will say again, there is a big ol’ group of messy and passionate human beings roaming the earth and we’re here to stay.


2 thoughts on “-anxiety ridden-

  1. Cannot agree more with your post! And that book is great , read it myself a while ago. The “shit sandwich” part was one of my favourites.

    All the best!


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