Recreating Celebrity Photoshoots: Mila Kunis

Starting a new thing today! I'm still trying to figure out my style as a photographer and I think mimicking other styles will eventually help me round out what I like and don't. This practice evolved into the idea of recreating celebrity/professional photoshoots with my friends. Today, my friend Vanessa and I started small with …


Graphics & Minneapolis

Did some really simple editing to two shots I've taken in downtown Minneapolis. I'm thinking they'll be pretty cool printed out and ironed on to t-shirts... I'll keep you updated. 🙂

Sunset Sight

How doesn't love a good sunset (or sunrise) full of colors? A couple of the photos are edited a bit, but the color never really crosses over well into digital mode, you know? These three sunsets were a sight for sore eyes 100%.

A Walk in the Park

Today's post includes one of my favorite things to do: take pictures in a park! 🙂 I love walking through different parks and places full of nature with my camera. It usually ends in hundreds of photos. These photos are from parks north of the metro, the metro, and northern MN!